I'll scout ahead~
Thank you everyone!

Thanks to every single person who sent me a little message about moving over the last few months. Its been tough emotionally and physically. Not everyone has been supportive, in fact there were a few of you who hoped I would never come back and wished me ill.

Too bad, I’m a fighter.

I’m guessing that when I come back full time, I will reinventing myself with some art. Especially as I’m so out of practice and haven’t picked up a pen in months. Who knows how bad my draws will be.

Requests on, Asks on. I’ll get to them when I have time. I missed (most of you) x

Hi friends !

Just to announce that in 4-6 weeks I will be moving into my own apartment ! Then I will be able to get back to drawing for you.

So exciting.

Tablet saga update:

I tried checking it with other programs, no luck still the same with sai and Gimp2.

Tried downloading the drivers again, still nothing working how it should. Did as you suggested (Kayron) but all it did was download another application for the Bamboo dock. Didn’t do anything with the pen pressure problem.

I’m sure I’m not downloading the wrong drivers, but feel free to point me to some if you know they work for Bamboo Pen CTL470.

Failing this I think I’m going to close my blog and give up on art. I simply cannot afford to replace my tablet again, it’s past being a joke. Would not buy another Wacom product ever again.

Hello friends, So I am trying to get my tablet to work which it did finally after much stress T-T

I need help however, I’m using a bamboo pen CTL 470 and installed the drivers, but I can’t seem to get the pen to respond to pressure. When I use the pen it’s just giving me bold lines as if I were using a mouse.

I’m using FireAlpaca if that helps any.

Help needed, if anyone can give me any advice or suggestions I would be eternally in your debt.



I’m arting Annie
Incoming blood and skull warning for those who don’t like that kind of things.

Promo for fireannie <3


I’m arting Annie


Incoming blood and skull warning for those who don’t like that kind of things.

Promo for fireannie <3

And the winner of my giveaway is….


Well done you, it’s your lucky day. If you just drop me a fan mail with your mailing address I can get right on it.

To everyone else, thank you for entering and taking part.

Currently in the process of raising money for new tablet, I will return as soon as I can. Life without art is hard *sob*

I’m thinking when I return I may include some other characters, since there’s actually so many champions I like o.o ! A multiblog seems the way to go.


Will be announcing the giveaway winner shortly~

Just a reminder that I will be announcing a winner for my little giveaway tomorrow. Goodluck.


I found two league wristbands and a league lanyard. Plus a little something… special.

I have no use for them to be honest, not right now so.. because I have been such a let down art wise these last 6 months I am going to give them away. Postage sucks so I’ll only be mailing them out to one person.

I’ll pick a winner 5th June. Good luck.

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Sorry there is no super amazing art to promote this or anything TT-TT

You guys are the best. 

Oh. You have to be willing to give out your mailing address and you kinda have to have your askbox thing turned on.

Hmm think that is it.


Sometimes life gives you lemons…