I'll scout ahead~

// Getting a bit riled up by various people saying how boring and “uncharismatic” they are. There’s a lot to be said for being humble and reserved, its a personality choice. Why would anyone who’s quiet, reserved and as humble as these people pretend to be anything else when on stage. Who want’s to be fake when they get the spotlight they deserve?

Loud and energetic does not mean charismatic. They get paid to perform in game, not on stage. They thanked the fans and were polite, nothing wrong with that. I find it extremely disrespectful to be bad mouthing them for not being animated enough.

What happened to being yourself ?

Congratulations to samsung white the season four world champions!

(42inchs of worlds, living independently is awesome ^-^)

(Suppose i should do a giveaway soon… hmmmmm ^-^)

(Suppose i should do a giveaway soon… hmmmmm ^-^)

Hello friends, yes I am back! I have been assisting my art friend move house. It’s been a tough time for her but we made it through together!

What would you like me to do?


Non Toxic?



Silly draws?

Love you all!


{Welcome back! You were around when I first joined tumblr, and I'm glad to see you've returned!}

(Thanks a lot! I’ve been around a really really long time… I’m not sure how long exactly XD. I’m so glad to see you’re still blogging, I really enjoyed your blog before my break. :D )

welcome back teemo!

Thank you friend !…

It’s been sometime I know, I hope you can forgive my absence. When I can, I’ll draw you a little something for your kindness! Good luck on the Fields of Justice ! Keep smiling !